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Get Ready To
Have A BlastZ!

GoGo squeeZ BlastZ pouches are a new, unique and satisfying snack that’s made from 100% fruit. And they’re 100% awesome to eat.

There are four delicious, sophisticated flavors to choose from that will excite your taste buds: Raspberry Rush, Berry MadnessTropical Burst, and new Black Cherry Surge.

Warning: these fruit snack pouches are only for
thrill-seekers who have an appetite for bold
adventures and even bolder flavors.

The Brand You Already Love—Just Bolder.

BlastZ is a new bigger* and bolder fruit pouch on the go, but we’ve got deep roots in the industry. In 1998, our parent company, Materne, created the first ever fruit in a pouch, Pom’Potes, in France.

Just 10 years later, GoGo squeeZ came to the US and released its first two flavors: Apple and Strawberry. Within seven months, one million pouches were sold.

Today, there are over 13 applesauce on the go pouches (with 6 more organic flavors), 10 Fruit and VeggieZ pouches, 5 YogurtZ pouches, and 4 big, bold BlastZ pouches. There’s a product and flavor for anywhere life takes you.

*3.9 ounces compared to the leading fruit pouch at 3.2 ounces.

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A Brighter,
Tastier World.

We believe that kids know exactly what they want out of life and their snacks. And GoGo squeeZ BlastZ is here to help fuel these adventures with bold flavors and real fruit.

We don’t pretend to know what they want. That’s why GoGo squeeZ BlastZ has been co-created and tested by kids.

We respect them, their taste buds and their unique individuality. They are what make the world colorful—we make it tastier.