Doing Good

doing good is good.

We believe that tasting good isn’t enough, you must do good, too. GoGo squeeZ BlastZ is committed to making our world a better, happier place.

This starts with making sure we leave the smallest footprint possible on Mother Earth. She has taken care of us by providing delicious fruit for our pouches. Now, it’s our time to take care of her.

We do so by ensuring we use best practices, ecofriendly methods and conscious recycling whenever possible. We’re doing our part—we hope you do yours.

We are commited
to leaving the
smallest footprint

standard isn’t enough.

Our signature “helicopter” cap may look like it’s fun to twirl, but it is designed specifically for our environment.

This innovative cap design uses less plastic than our previous pouch cap, which means less waste and less of an impact.

For us, it’s all about being mindful of our resources. And having a fun cap that keeps our bold, big pouches fresh and delicious.

cap uses
less plastic!

Bigger pouch.
Bolder taste.
Better than ever.

Upcycling used pouches.

Since 2011, GoGo squeeZ has been working with TerraCycle, which is the upcycling and recycling master, to help turn empty pouches into playground equipment, notebooks and tote bags.

To participate, join the GoGo squeeZ BlastZ TerraCycle Brigade today and start collecting your used empty BlastZ pouches to help your community earn point and win prizes.

Joining is easy and completely free—just register with TerraCycle, collect pouches, and download a shipping label. Drop off your box of pouches at any local UPS location and get rewarded!

Join Terracycle

Used pouches
are shipped to

makes cool
stuff out of your
recycled pouches.